8 comments on “Lil B Shouts Out A Child Murderer

  1. Can’t you have love for Chris Benoit without condoning his actions though…The man lived his whole life as a good respected dude, and it ended in tragedy….it wasn’t premeditated, as far as I know it was the drugs he was on but he had to feel remorse, why else would he have killed himself also?


      • For real!!! all the headbutts off the steel cages….I seen an interview with two of the stoyline creators, Russo and another guy…but they said they were also burnt out working 50+ hours a week after just a couple years….they said Vince expects people to live wrestling just like he does.


      • Yea vince seems like a real piece of work. To be honest I mean benoit no disrespect with this post however heinous his actions are,lil b has a young fan base though so he should be careful what he is seen to glorify.


      • At least it’s not Obama, he’s killed way more kids then Benoit….well not too many rappers are still on that train besides maybe Jay-Z and Common.


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